Nanonots works hand in hand with you to create your Cannabis Company’s brand. With over 15 years of graphic design, marketing, web design, and SEO experience, our team can help grow your business, drive sales, and set your cannabis brand apart from the competition. we have the skills and insights to help start-up and growth businesses succeed. We proudly customize all our solutions for our clients.



We’ll delve into key elements, including the product details, market climate and emotional components to craft a brand logo, message and voice that fits your cannabis company. We’ll position you for greatness.


We’re Google Ads experts. And experts in what we can and can’t do in the Cannabis space. Dialed in targeting, extensive research, supreme creative and detailed reporting. We’ll turn clicks into conversions, when google is ready!


We’ll take your cannabis brand to new levels of exposure. From managing the research and vetting process, to crafting creative that engages, we’ll ensure your influencers turn impressions into revenue.


Guidance, strategies, creative, implementation, management, reporting and more for organic (and paid, soon) content. We’ll Get you in front of YOUR audience, with results.


We’re story tellers, and we’ve (you’ve) all got stories to tell. We’ll strategize, conceptualize and produce your cannabis brand story and serve it to the masses. Video marketing is the NOW.


We’re a creative agency at heart, and we’ll always follow our hearts. We take pride in our ability to create and execute our ideas and campaigns for your cannabis brand.

From naming/brand creation, creative concepts, content curation and placement to media strategy through successful execution, analytics and reporting… we’ve got you covered.